Captain Baylee Kittiwake

Corsair captain with a reluctant heart of gold


Lifepaths: City born → Coin clipper → Smuggler → Swashbuckler (Duelist) → Ship’s Captain

Traits: Stern demeanor, paranoid, light sleeper, mercenary, charismatic, ineffable hat, sailor’s oath, curses like a sailor, sealegs, Hero of Vyrilla

Skills: Command, oratory, ship-wise, sea-wise, Sword, brawling, two-fisted fighting training, streetwise, haggling, conspicuous, Persuasion, falsehood, appraisal, law-wise, stealthy, intimidation, knives, firearms, observation, folklore, field dressing, survival

Special ability: Can instinctively find what she needs/what direction it is. Limitations and rules: She can only search for a given thing/person/place/concept (?) once, if she fails to find what she is looking for or starts looking for something else then her ability to find what she was looking for is lost to her. She also just gets a directions and a rough idea of how far away her target is.

Special item: TIMESWORD! (Still needs a name) This sword is hard to look at, it shimmers with potential timelines. When someone is struck with this blade they lose sync with out timeline for a moment shunting back or forward in time a matter of seconds, this can end up with a person popping up right before she attacks them. To say the least this is very confusing for everyone involved.

Personal effects: An epic pirate hat, with feathers. Companion monkey named Bartleby. An ornate brass compass. A shell necklace with a partially coral-crusted black pearl at its center. Leather armor and knee-high boots. A frilly shirt. A long duster-style jacket with pockets. Flask of rum.

Gear: Leather armor, traveling gear, field dressing kit,

Weapons: Superior quality sword, super quality knives (3, 2 of which are hidden), pistol, and the Timesword.

1D Known as a ship’s captain in port cities/towns
1D Reputation as the woman can procure obscure items of all sorts and types, successfully without fail
1D Known to occasionally ahem bend the laws a bit, if the price is right.
2D (with Vyrilla) known as Hero of Vyrilla

Two former crewmen who survived the Hollow Man’s attack


Baylee was born in a dockside tavern. Literally, on a tavern table. Her mother was a serving wench for the tavern and wasn’t about to be stopped from working by a little thing like birth. Who knew who her father was, presumably a sailor – of the law abiding variety or not (more than likely not). What she did have of her father (besides apparently a sharp tongue) was a shell necklace with a single etched black pearl on it he had given her mother.

Baylee grew up in the tavern, put to work as soon as she could walk – weaving well among sailors legs and ending most nights smelling of more alcohol than a toddler ever should. They lived nearby in a tiny apartment for a brief and pleasant, if not traditional, childhood. But a bar brawl one night amongst a pirate crew and some locals ended with several injured and her mother dead, and the tavern shut down by the guards.

Baylee wound up in an orphanage, but hated the stiff rules. They were put to work making small items, repairing cloths, and other assorted tasks that the matron could make some money off, but Baylee was often in trouble for slipping away to play in the streets and pickpocket drunkards and merchants alike. She was often brought home by the guards, who went easy on her for she was charming and fun and often shared her spoils with some of the homeless. The Matron however did not go easily on her, and beat her quite frequently, swearing she had the free spirit of the sea in her due to her parentage.

So it isn’t too surprising that she soon ran away and snuck aboard a ship to escape the city’s dockside and see the world. The crew was nonplussed, but the captain was charmed with her boldness and audacity and let her stay if she worked for her keep – in the kitchens and mending sails and ropes and anything else that needed doing. So she did, and started practicing with sword and dagger with a few of the younger cabin boys. She soon proved her worth by demonstrating a knack for finding things she needed when a crewman stolen some gold from some cargo and she easily pointed to it in a secret spot beneath a lose board. The ship it turned out had a bit of an illegal side to its business, and Baylee proved useful at knowing where to go to find treasure or to track down illicit magical items clients requested they obtain.

Her young years at sea were interrupted when the ship was struck attempting to run a blockade. The injured ship limped home ahead of a storm and lost – sinking to the ocean floor. Baylee and 2 other crewmen survived, floating in wreckage, and were picked up by pirates. Pressed into service, her necklace stolen, Baylee vowed revenge behind her smile. She spent time training hard at sword and knife in secret whilst going above and beyond at her shipboard duties. She charmed the men while they raided towns, slowly building up a loyal following the core of which were the two fellow survivors. After a few years and her demonstrated knack for leading them straight to treasure and large scores, she staged a coup and took the ship, taking back her necklace and killing the captain, and setting anyone else who wasn’t with her off on shore.

They then made for port, where a few well placed bribes and charm registered the ship as the merchant ship the Fiesty Rose And she set to work building a smuggling empire, taking the small jobs she had and building a reputation as someone who could find Davey Jones’ own locker and steal his heart from it. She used a compass she claimed was enchanted to cover for her natural talent at finding things and knowing directions.

She lept at the opportunity to act as an informant for the Spymaster, in return for advanced knowledge of naval blockades and port raids. She built a company from the ground up, combining both legal and illicit trade and passengers to turn a pretty penny for herself and her small crew. She gained Dr. Moritz Begley III as ship’s doctor in exchange for taking him to sea the world, and did some jobs for Etrix Volukan.

Up until she agreed to make the journey to a forbidden island surrounded in myth and legend. Sure, she came back from the island with a shiny new sword that splits time (and her head), but it also drew the attention of the Hollow Man. Baylee didn’t believe the Spymaster (who was always a bit strange) or her passengers (she was paid to do a job, and that was that) that the Hollow man was some evil puppet master. Following time island she gained 2 more crew members in Tychus McButte and Content Not Found: null

But a few years after, she was contacted by a new client. The job led her and her crew all around the seas on the hunt for an illusive artifact – a magic tome. She took a small crew ashore on the final island to retrieve it, and the doctor recognized it as the one from which he his twin has seen a single page of and been cursed. She took the book to her client, who had until then been working through an intermediary – the wizard Baragard Menkon who stole the book, reading from a page and causing half her ship and her crew to age into decay. His apprentice Etrix Volukan portaled them to the city, where they interrupted the wizard’s plans and Baylee removed his arm, breaking his spell casting.

Baylee seeks vengeance for her murdered crew, her only real family.


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Captain Baylee Kittiwake

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