The Hollow Man

Captain's log, Day 63

We all get a bath, or Mick remains a gobshyte

It’s been 2 months we’ve been imprisoned in a velvet lined cage. It’s far too long on land for me. Save the city, cut off the wizard’s hand, and this is our reward?! I’ve yet to convince Mick to buy me a new ship, but he’ll fold eventually. What the hell good is a ship’s captain without a ship?!

Mick continues to tell us we can’t leave the city yet. Apparently landlubbers have no memory, as they’ve made me repeat my story so many times I’ve lost count. I’m starting to feel as crazy as Tychus – no one believes me, but I keep parroting the same words!

At least they finally allowed us free reign of the city. It’s still stinks and its still a cage, but dockside taverns are easy to waste time in. I was winning yet another game of poker – honestly I swear! – when there was a ruckus. Ever one to make an entrance, Mick flipped over my damn card table – at least I saved my drink! And demanded I go with him. No one makes demands of a captain! …but I did, reluctantly. The only thing worse than being trapped in this city is being trapped behind actual bars.

Mick’s ridiculous carriage was filled with Tychus, Etrix, Doc, and Sharra. He insisted the lot of us get a bath and be made presentable for our audience with the king. Since I didn’t request it, I don’t see why I ought to care how presentable I am. But after a bath we were taken to the tailors. Sharra demanded clothes for her doll in exchange for wearing shoes (which she despises) and I decided that Bartleby ought to have clothes too. The elf tailor didn’t let his annoyance show – I give those pointy eared bastards credit, they can keep a straight face.

At the castle we were met by the Kings Advisor. They say you can’t lie to him, he can always tell the truth. I didn’t get a chance to test it out cuz my head was pounding and the lighting was too bright, but next time we’ll see if there’s any ring o’ truth to that tale. And I might have been distracted by the large amount of gold jewelry and bits he wore.

The King put on some theatrics – bloody rich people. He wants us to find the lost sword of the kingdom, one which can unite the people and give strength to the kings army, and was used to found the kingdom, blah blah. Something about needing to further prove ourselves to the people as heroes. I tried to get the king to give me a ship, but he says the sword is inland beneath some fancy schmancy wizard place or something.

The he goes and tells his guards to grab Tychus as he demands repayment for his treason.

Now the knight may be crazy, but he’s my crew. I drew my sword – the normal one, not the time one – thinking that I’d rather not die in a castle on cold hard land, but I’m not about to let my mate be hanged. They argued in words too loud to really pay much attention to.

All I know is Tychus agreed to give up his hand in some sort o’ punishment if Mick – the lyin’ bastard – was the one to cut it off. hand in retribution for his treason in abandoning his post. Mick happily agreed (some friend he is!) but he swung and missed – not surprised, he’s got no depth perception with that missin’ eye and all. Instead they covered Tychus’s hand in a black glove marking it as property of the king, who admits he needs the former-knight whole for this mission. It’s alright though, when we get back to sea he can send that stupid glove right to the bottom.

Mick made the mistake of letting us have the night free to meeting in the morning to travel to some academy. I was rudely awoken by a bucket o’ cold water in the morning and reluctantly climbed into the carriage to sleep some more on the way further from the sea.


jonaselowery Caerlyn

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