The Hollow Man

Hunting Blackheart and the Andromeda

Session 7, Our first actual combat!

It was 2 weeks at sea before we closed in on the Andromeda. 2 weeks of practicing swords and brawling with Mick and Tychus. 2 weeks pouring over maps and plans with Marik and Mick. 2 weeks of feeling at home on the open ocean, even if it wasn’t my ship.

We saw the Andromeda on the horizon, but unfortunately, he saw us, and turned and started to run. We had plans for pursuit – which quickly fell apart as Sharra’s weather witchcraft and raw power sent the Riza plowing ahead of Beauregard’s should-have-been-faster ship. We decided to ram them from behind, but at an angle – Doc described it all with a lot of fancy words, but the gist was, it would do the most damage to the Andromeda and the least to the Riza.

His plan left both ships at an angle to each other that prevent either ship from using their cannons to full effectiveness. We began boarding the Andromeda, although Rage and myself both bolted to the crossing line so fast trying to be first that we slammed into each other. With Doc and Etrix in tow, we made the crossing, landing i the first deck down of on the Andromeda.

We made our way up to the deck, finding Blackheart at the wheel, and guarded by 2 archers, his first mate, and a wizard.

[in progress]


jonaselowery Caerlyn

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