House Rules

*New trait that all the players have. Hero of Virilla which grants +2d reputation within the city of Virilla as a hero, 1d within the country of Birwin. It raises the users resource stat by 2D while within the city limits and by 1D while within the country of Birwin. It grants property onto the owner of this trait, in at least a place to live within the city propper, and any lands needed to raise their resources as listed above.

*Each player starts the game with a magical item and a mystical power.

Captain Baylee Kittiwake has:
Special ability: Can instinctively find what she needs/what direction it is. Limitations and rules: She can only search for a given thing/person/place/concept (?) once, if she fails to find what she is looking for or starts looking for something else then her ability to find what she was looking for is lost to her. She also just gets a directions and a rough idea of how far away her target is.
Special item: TIMESWORD! Now named: Azamaan. This sword is hard to look at, it shimmers with potential timelines (Sharra loves to look at it). When the bearer holds the sword, they see multiple possible futures instead of just the present – sort of like seeing split vision or compound eye sight, seeing about a dozen different potential futures splitting off each moment. It gives Baylee a terrible migraine and takes practice just to hold. Striking flesh with the sword has a chance to send the thing she hits or the sword bearer backwards or forwards in time a few seconds, making it confusing to use as well.

Etrix Volukan
Sweet Gear: A gem that can dampen magic, it also makes new magic harder to make and cast. This also limits how often a spell will missfire.
Superpower: Can cast Bind Affinity and Gate

Power: Can see into other timelines
Item: necklace of weather control: by trapping her voice into the necklace she can bind the wind spirit within the necklace to control the weather.

Dr. Moritz J. Beckley, III
Item: Gauntlet of stability: This gauntlet makes it so that guns and explosives will not missfire. This does not protect the user from using those items unwisely though.
Power: Healing touch: Healing time on his patients is VASTLY reduced.

Mick Rage (Matthew East)
Special Power: Mick’s eye was stolen by the Hollow Man and he can now see into the long lost city where his eye resides.
Special Item: Shadow Cloak: This cloak was given to Rage by the king himself. It can look like a normal cloak, although it very fine looking and clearly marks him with the position of spy master, but when in use it seems to be made of shadows. The cloak has two abilities. First it can help the user blend into shadows helping them hide. This gives the user +4D to stealthy checks to hide within shadows, but does not help the user remain silent or in areas that do not have shadows. The second power of this item is that it lets its user store items within it. Previous users have likened storing things within it to trying to walk around your house when it is pitch black, you generally know where things are, and you might have a room where you store your weapons, but it can be tricky to quickly get the one you want.

Tychus McButte
Powers: The touch of ages trait which lets him read the history of an object he can hold.
Item: He holds a locket from his wife that lets him slip into the another timeline for just a moment. He can bring things there and can bring things back with him, but doing anything leaves a great strain on him. To date he has used this to slip into a time where a guard was currently somewhere else, and to a time where someone forgot to lock the door he was trying to get through.

House Rules

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